Black, Tan, and Tee

When I was young, I thought you could never wear black and brown together. That was against the rule. Those were two separate colors that kept their distance. You could choose to go with blacks OR browns.

Well, one thing I’ve learned is that some rules are made to be broken, or rather unlearned and re-defined. Because black and brown can definitely work. My preference being a lighter or warmer shade of brown to give a nice contrast.

I ventured on a sunny walk along the Mississippi and to one of my new favorite cafes (Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar) in this combo. And yes, they have gluten-free friendly waffles 🙂  Can’t not experience that! Especially when there are options combining peanut butter, cinnamon, powdered sugar and bananas.

Wearing black jeans and a cream vintage tee with orange accents, made me go with light brown (tan) sandals + purse to tie it all together. Plus a denim jacket to brighten up and cool down so many warm, neutral colors. I’m not quite a denim on denim girl (yet), so like adding the jacket to colored pants.

Lake Street bridge overlooking the Mississippi River and Minneapolis!

That color yellow! <3

Yours jenuinely, xoxo

{photography by Balyee Sebring Photography; vintage tee from @coveralldoll; jacket and pants thrifted; sandals from Whimsy Row; purse from Italy; skin by Eti Elison 😉 }

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