Daily Workout Log

I thought I’d start sharing my workout log, in case you want any ideas!

Here is where I’m at now! I’ll try to clarify my acronyms and maybe post some videos to show different exercises as I go along!

Week of 5/19/14

Monday: Upper body workout (details below!)

3 sets of each exercises within each superset:

Assisted pull-ups x 12 (L13/10/8)
Push-ups x 12
Full sit-ups on decline bench x 20

KB (kettle bell) swings x 25 (25/30/25 lbs)
Plank with shoulder touches x 45 sec
Elbow plank x 1:15, 1:15, 1:00

Static pull-up holds x 20 sec, 15 sec, 15 sec (barely)
Battle ropes – Alt arms up/down x 30 sec + double arm up/down x 15 reps
Side plank x 45 sec ea (30 sec hold + 15 sec hip raises)

2 sets of:

Reverse roman chair toe touches x 25
Hyper-extension x 20 (bw = body weight)

Tuesday: Legs workout

Wednesday: 30 min run at Piedmont park including 6 x 45 sec pick-up, 1:15 easy
6 strides
(Plus ~45 min of sand volleyball in the evening)

Thursday: Upper body workout

Friday: 25 min run at Piedmont park including 4 x 200m pick up, 200m easy (Active Oval)
Feeling hot and tired, so took a couple rest breaks to do core work:)
Much needed roll-out after on the lacrosse ball!

Saturday: TRX Class at Urban Body Studios

Sunday: Rest

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