A day in savannah

For one, I need to stop waiting until midnight to write. Not very good for my health and sleep habits!

But, I did have a late flight back to MN, thus a late dinner and also late-ish ice cream at GOC (aka Grand ‘Ole Creamery in middle school acronyms). I was a little disappointed that their butter pecan wasn’t quite as good as the ones I tried in the Southeast.

After a treacherous drive in some seriously torrential storms, we made it to Savannah. After lots of dining out, the perfect dinner was put together from a natural foods market, Brighter Day, in the form of salad (box of mixed greens, a roasted sweet potato salad, and sweet peach and walnut salad all mixed together), cheese, Simple Mills gluten/grain-free crackers, and a bottle of Kung Fu Girl Riesling (couldn’t resist). Followed by consuming the former, while sitting on the upper level balcony of an 180-year-old building, overlooking Forsyth Park. Bliss.

I had less than 24 hours in Savannah, but it was well worth the extra QT (quality time…feeling the acronyms today) with my friend Claire. We sweated our way through a morning yoga class at Dancing Dogs Yoga, which I followed with a smoothie at Beetnix Superfoods and Juice Bar, just below the studio. After a shower, because we didn’t know how drenched we’d be, we made our way to lunch at Goose Feathers Cafe (they had lots of breakfast and lunch options, including gluten-free bread and bagels – albeit dry), and The Coffee Fox for an iced latte and gluten-free peanut butter cookie (also couldn’t resist). Both were excellent.


The prettiest chia pudding parfait at Beetnix

I actually liked Savannah better than Charleston, for what I saw of it, which I have often heard the opposite from others. While both are beautiful, Savannah felt more grand, spacious, livable and “real” in a sense, whereas Charleston was almost too perfect and touristy to feel truly at ease.

Well I’m off to bed. Hopefully something more meaningful and non-travel-related tomorrow 🙂 Except I just booked several pieces of an upcoming trip to Iceland!

Yours jenuinely, xoxo

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