A Reflection of Travels

I’ve been traveling now for over 3 months and I have learnt so much. About different places, people, cultures and certainly myself. I am still struggling to articulate what it means to me, but want to share some of my reflections below.

  • I think a big thing I’ve had to overcome is the idea that I need to be accomplishing something with my trip. As in, why am I here? Why am I doing this? What’s the POINT? The point is that there is that there doesn’t need to be a point. That it’s okay to just live and experience life.
  • I’ve come a long way in being able to let go of control. To accept whatever happens in stride and make the best out of it. One door closing has always been another opening. There is not one right place for me to stay and things for me to see or schedule to follow. I’ve let my days take me wherever they lead, following my heart, my energy, my interests.
  • I’ve been able to cultivate so much more balance…between activity and rest, city and nature, time alone and time with others, sweet treats and wholesome home cooking, early nights with a book and tea and late nights with wine and clubs, thinking and emptying.
  • It’s okay to think, we don’t have to be void of thoughts all the time. That is what our mind is for, to help us evaluate situations/decisions/etc. It’s okay to think constructive thoughts. It doesn’t have to be running the same thing through my mind over and over.
  • I’m happy 🙂 . I have no idea what each day will bring or even where I will be 4 days from now (only 3 😉 haha). And I love it. I used to have my calendar planned out months in advance. It was security for me. It was something to look forward to, rather than looking at what was right in front of me. Now, I pay attention to each day, moment, interaction, view, taste, conversation, and more. Traveling can get exhausting, but more so when you try to plan far in advance. It causes a lot of stress and worry about things that most likely will change multiples time over before the time even comes. So instead, I focus on what I need each day. Is it rest? A glass of wine and chocolate? A quiet walk alone? Chatting up the stranger next to me? And when I do this, I nurture myself. I give my body what it needs, so that the travel is sustainable. It’s not about the next place, its about now. And I can manage today.
  • I have had so many amazing people and experiences come into my life during my time traveling. I think that’s the beauty of going alone. You are so much more open. You’re human, vulnerable and connect with others.
  • I’m not lucky. I’m blessed. I’m grateful. And I love listening more and more to my heart. It truly shows us the way. We just forget about it. We’re so in our heads. I was. What is “right”? Let’s be “rational”. What will others think? What is “okay” or “acceptable”? We SHOULD do what others want. We SHOULD follow along with society. But the truth is that we are all unique individuals. Yes, we are one being, but also the parts that make up the being. Our heart beats in certain ways for a reason. Not everyone’s can beat the same way.
  • I’ve been so taken by how much people have gone out of their way to help me, in both big and small ways. I sometimes feel undeserving, wondering how I can repay them? But that’s not the point. People like to help people. I would do the same in another time and place when I could. Generosity has no limits. It grows the more we show it. And alongside grows love and happiness. When someone helps me out, they make my life so much better/easier and I am so grateful and happy. They are happy to help me as well. And we both go forward better off than before. More full, more to give, and more willing to give.

And lastly, I love just BEING. Remember that you are MORE than enough just BEING you. There is nothing you have to DO.

Sending so much love.

Yours Jenuinely, xoxo

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