28: Work. It. Out.

I’ve realized it’s finally time for me to get back to sharing what I love! No better way to kick off a new year with a workout and long overdue blog post 🙂 Cheers to 28 and the adventures to come!

This was something not too taxing, since I’ve been a little tired from traveling, but left me sweating and happy 🙂

5/21/15 – Bday Workout 

10 min run to Piedmont Park

3 sets of:
Walking lunges x 15 each leg (bodyweight – “bw”)
Push-ups x 15

5 sets of:
Broad jump (i.e. standing long jump) x 10
Bounding (i.e. skips for distance) x 15 ea
“Sprint” x ~50m
{20 sec rest between sets}

3 sets of:
Bench straight leg raises with hip hike x 15
Step-ups x 15 ea (bw)
Pull-up arm hang with slow lower x 15 sec
Alternating lunge jumps x 10 ea
{No rest}

1 mile run


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