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I just came back from our annual Global Sales Conference in Boston last week and it reminded me about how much I love the people I work with and being able to connect with my big Delta family! There were definitely some great speakers and events, but I think I enjoyed just talking (and dancing haha) with everyone the most 🙂

As always on my travels, I try to seek out (1) good and (mostly;) healthy gluten-free food, (2) a great workout – whether outside or at a local gym, and (3) new experiences or sites in the city I’m visiting!

This was my first time in Boston city proper and it welcomed me warmly with 46 degree weather. And rain. In June. Luckily it pulled through in a other ways and eventually warmed up on my last day!

With my Flex ClassPass, I am able to go to different gyms and fitness studios in many metropolitan areas, including Boston. I tend to like classes when traveling because I am usually exhausted, so  it’s easier to not have to think and just have someone tell me what to do, and is definitely more motivating than a hotel fitness center haha. In Boston I found an incredible gym walking distance from our hotel, called the The Club by George Foreman III: Boxing Fitness. The space was really open, with an industrial feel – brick walls, 2 levels with high warehouse ceilings, sleek and modern amenities. They had a wide range of training options, helpful staff and a great young adult crowd. I tried two of their classes – Box-Fiit 360 (circuit style fight training) and Bags + Body (high intensity bag work with bodyweight intervals mixed in) and both were great workouts! I wish I had time to try more.

They even had a juice bar in the same building – score! I can’t help but love my morning green juice and post-workout smoothies. The café, Nourish your Soul, had a ton of great options. While in town, I tried the Lean Green juice (kale, spinach, pineapple, cucumber, turmeric, ginger and lime), Reset smoothie (almond milk, banana, almond butter, cinnamon, vanilla, & protein powder) and then created a pretty amazing masterpiece – their Cherry Almond Butter smoothie (filtered water, almonds, dates, sea salt, banana, almond butter and cacao) with the addition of kale, spirulina and protein!

I was able to sneak away for some good food on a couple occasions and headed to:

Sweetgreen – Here I had the Rad Thai with chicken instead of shrimp and light dressing. It was INCREDIBLE. I felt great after too! Satisfied, but not overly full. There are so many options I would go daily if I could. And everything is clearly marked whether it is gluten-free or not making my life really easy 🙂

Legal Harborside – Legal Seafood has a big presence in Boston, so figured I should try some quality seafood at least once. Again, so many delicious options. I ended up going with the trout, which they pan seared for me, light on oil and salt, along with their pickled kale & potato salad and quinoa vegetable salad with calabrian lime dressing and pine nuts as sides.

Squeeze Juice Bar – This was a café inside Equinox downtown Boston. I was really tempted by the Carrot Cake smoothie (banana, cinnamon, juice carrot, juiced ginger, golden flaxseed, almond milk), but was craving an acai bowl from some reason – I think it was the gluten-free granola that got me haha. I opted for the Chia Pet (acai, banana, spinach, kale, chia seeds, cocoonut water, topped with gluten-free granola, greens pack and coconut) with protein added and it didn’t disappoint. Plus I had nice some nice people watching while I sat and ate 😉

My new city experience, besides the above, came from a 5 mile run around what they call ‘Castle Island’. It took my down a quaint historic street, lined with both brick and brightly painted row houses. I loved how so many people were out and taking public transportation. The route led me to a little loop along the water, right by Fort Independence. I got my one picture from the trip, but I’d say it captured the beauty well!

Overall, a great city and can’t wait to go back and explore more. If you’re ever in the area, definitely check out the above spots! Highly recommend 🙂

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