Fitness Lessons Learned

Sometimes less is more.

I’ve been dealing with some nagging running injuries (mostly high hamstring tendinitis/tendinopathy, which I will share about soon), so I have backed off my exercise quite a bit from what I used to do. But I honestly feel so much stronger, leaner and better overall since doing so. I used to beat my body up with a lot of high-intensity workouts, group fitness classes, long cardio, frequent two-a-days, and not enough rest. I liked the adrenaline rush, a good sweat and seeing all the friends I’ve made working out different places.

But then I got burnt out. I also I felt like I wasn’t realizing all the gains I should based on how much I was working out. That was when I learned how I was just continually breaking down my muscles and never letting them repair. Because that is when you get stronger…through rest. Go figure.

So I started focusing more on strength training and balancing out my weaknesses, to create a strong foundation to build on. It’s always a work in process, and I’ve found it best to stay consistent, but not over-do it, so that you can maintain a sustainable routine and fitness level. Gains made over a longer period of time will last for a longer period of time:)





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