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Jackson Hole for the Soul

I feel very lucky to have had a quick work trip to beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The second you step off the plane and breathe the fresh mountain air as you are surrounded by wilderness, your soul feels happy. Mine certainly was :).

Jackson Hole Airport

As always in my travels, I love finding hidden gems with delicious gluten free food and opportunities to move my body in new and ever evolving ways. Jackson Hole did not disappoint. I landed starving as I forgot to set my alarm and had to rush to the airport (typical), which didn’t allow me to have a delicious, fulfilling breakfast (very NOT typical ;)). After checking in at my hotel right in downtown Jackson, I ventured out in search of Lotus Cafe, which I heard to be gluten free “friendly”. I soon discovered that it would be more like my BEST friend haha. The menu was unreal. I probably pondered over it for at least 15 minutes before my hunger told me to hurry up and decide. I settled on a turkey, bacon and avocado sandwich with homemade gluten free bread, and a side salad featuring some pretty incredible basil-tahini dressing. It was literally one of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten. Period. I even bought a loaf of their bread to take home it was that delicious.

Turkey Bacon Avocado Sandwich

Couldn’t pass up a little raw energy bite to go either ;).

Raw Energy Bite

Lotus Cafe

I called it an early night so I could make the most of my one morning in town. I woke to a frigid 37 degrees (!!!) in the middle of August. Can’t say I was expecting that! So it seemed fitting that I start my day with some hot flow at nearby Inversion Yoga. The theme for class was CHANGE. And I reflected on how I can embrace more positive change in my life 🙂 It was a bright, warming studio with a great instructor and workout – definitely left me sweating!

Inversion Yoga Exterior

Inversion Yoga Interior

I found my way back to Lotus Cafe, just a block away, because I simply had to experience their breakfast delicacies. I mean – they had gluten free DONUTS! The window case alone was tantalizing enough. I ordered a “Sapphire” smoothie – Blueberry, banana, cinnamon, agave & gold flax – with coconut milk and hemp protein as the perfect post-workout refreshment. Then I stocked up on a few treats for the road, based on staff recommendations – a chocolate coconut donut, the muffin of the day (some sort of raspberry flavor, which is usually not something I gravitate towards, but it was SO good…that one didn’t last long haha), and a “Thumbprint Cookie” with almond crust and fresh fruit filling – all made fresh, in-house that morning!

Lotus Cafe Exterior

Lotus Cafe Bakery Case

Lotus Cafe Baked Goods

My last stop prior to my work meeting was the artisanal French-inspired Persephone Bakery, where I would pick up an assortment of brunch items to bring to my account 🙂 Their clean and elegant website drew me in, but the menu won me over, as it’s always fun to bring in something out of the ordinary!

Persephone Bakery

With a few vegetarians at the office, I opted for a mix of the following:

GRANOLA PARFAIT: Orange blossom greek yogurt, seasonal fruit, local honey, Persephone quinoa granola.

EGG SANDWICH: Organic fried egg, gruyere, SLC Cremenelli Ham or SRF bacon, dijon aioli, croissant.

MORNING GLORY MUFFIN: This whole wheat based muffin combines banana, apricot, raisins, coconut, oats and flax for a hearty breakfast option.

SAVORY SCONE: Our savory scones vary daily. Either cheddar black pepper or green onion and goat cheese.

And of course, COFFEE 🙂

I only wish I could have stayed longer to enjoy their expansive outdoor deck. Until next time Jackson Hole!

Persephone Bakery deck

Yours Jenuinely,


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