Nutrition Goals

I set a few simple nutrition goals for the year, aiming for progress, not perfection! These being:

  • Clean, whole foods only
  • Nothing processed
  • No refined sugar, with the goal of no added sugar (this could be tricky haha)
  • Mostly paleo, but add in complex carbs like sweet potatoes and quinoa

*I did a paleo challenge for a month to get started, but have since modified

*Dairy tends to irritate my stomach, but I added back greek yogurt into my diet because it doesn’t bother me, is a great source of protein, and I plain just love it…particularly Atlanta Fresh Greek Yogurt ( – local and amazing…check it out

My favorite flavor:

Karma Java
*I have continued leave out beans/legumes (except peanut butter!) because they also irritate my stomach, but it makes me sad because I do love a good hummus and anything Mexican topped with black beans. I will have them on occasion, just not on a regular basis!

  • Eat my veggies! It’s so easy to leave them out, so I have to think about how to incorporate them. My go to’s are adding greens to smoothies, salads obviously, and more recently roasting broccoli/brussels sprouts/etc in the oven…soooo good. I’ve also taken up homemade juicing when I have time! Nice little nutrient bonus:)
  • PROTEIN – get it

My biggest guideline, however, is everything in moderation🙂 Life is too short to not experience delicious (and maybe unhealthy…gasp) tasting food!

So, following a post-workout protein shake and chia pudding earlier this morning, here’s my breakfast #2: Local sausage patty, roasted broccoli and sweet potato, topped off with freshly pressed grapefruit juice!


Happy almost Friday:)

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