Panera’s Hidden Menu: A Gluten-free Goldmine!

Having celiac disease and not being able to eat gluten makes it a little difficult to eat out at times when I’m on the go. But there are always options!

When I think of Panera I almost immediately go straight to those delicious cinnamon crunch bagels. But those are unfortunately rather glutinous haha. I didn’t think they would have anything I could eat besides a few salads, but then discovered Panera’s “Hidden Menu”. It features several power breakfast bowls full of protein, veggies and gluten-free goodness!

With traveling this weekend, I needed a spot to set up my computer to work, while also grabbing breakfast since I was up at 5:30 to catch my flight and starving by 10:00!! So bring on Panera’s Power Breakfast Bowl with egg whites, turkey, spinach, roasted peppers, basil pesto and avocado! Protein, veggies, healthy fats makes for some decently clean eating…I’m satisfied:)

Definitely check it out if you’re hungry and on the go!


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