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From Nutrition to Intuition

The science behind nutrition is very important and a powerful healing mechanism. Yet we often forget another crucial piece – our own intuition and body’s innate ability to heal itself. Both have a place and purpose.

Too much of a good thing is too much

For 6 months, working with a functional medicine doctor, I focused on the nutrition component. This was largely centered around a limited diet (to reduce inflammation, balance bacteria, etc) and lots of supplements to support the process. In the beginning it was good and I seemed to respond well. However, over time my body began to backlash from the rigidity of the program and quantity of supplements I was putting in my body, in the form of stress, frequent cravings and upset stomach. I was then allowed to add things back into my diet, but felt confused as to what and how, and like it was somehow “wrong” or not good for me. So my body rejected foods in line with my mind and feelings of guilt and threat.

A change in course

I knew I needed a change. And I knew what had worked and felt good in the past. And that was working with Jasmin. She had a more personal and intuitive approach that I needed and trusted. She understood me as a whole person, inside and out…more than just my digestive system imbalances, what I ate and how my body reacted, but also the mental and emotional influences I experienced. After my first re-consult with her, I instantly felt a sigh of relief and could breathe easier. I knew that was a good sign and am learning to pay more attention to how my body responds to different situations.

In our first session we didn’t even focus on specific foods, but rather establishing a good morning and evening routine to support good sleep, which I was struggling with, and is a key precursor to our body’s proper functioning – digestion, energy, hormones, metabolism, everything. The second component for me to focus on was judgment – and less of it. Especially not judging myself – what I ate, how I felt, my body, what I did “right” or “wrong”. And also others – their actions, energies, etc. Everything is a learning process, so with this I’m focusing on noticing my experiences and interactions, accepting them for what they are, and using them to inform and direct my path going forward.

Laying a foundation 

Now is my time for building a foundation instead of continued cleansing, which I had been doing some form of since I first took my medical leave last fall. Jasmin gave the example of building a house and it made so much sense. At first you need to clear the land to make space for the new building (cleansing – which has a key purpose), but then for it to grow and thrive, you need to build a solid foundation. You can’t build a strong house when you’re continually wiping away the ground underneath it. The same with our bodies. We cannot make them strong and healthy when we continue to deplete them. There is a time and a place for cleansing our bodies of toxins, bad bacteria and otherwise, but not forever. Eventually we need to add back and nourish, rather than take away.

Returning to nature

Since I have been learning to get into a natural rhythm of eating more intuitively and what feels good at any particular moment. It could be chocolate or a glass of wine or bread or cheese (gasp, dairy?!).

Americano at a cafe because I love the taste and it’s a great way to start the morning (despite “bad” caffeine)

Because I love toast…with egg, butter, jam and avocado 🙂

Branching out and finding a healthy local option of grilled squid with chard and potatoes

The most delicious arugula salad (yes, with parmesan cheese)

It’s hard when we’re constantly bombarded with messaging (media, friends, etc) around what we should or shouldn’t eat…that we’ll gain weight or toxify our body or whatever else that’s bad. We don’t even know the truth for ourselves…me included. I believed all the messaging without ever paying attention to how I was actually responding. And guess what, now, after eating all that on multiple occasions, I’m still alive and thriving. So far my “deviation” from the standard anti-inflammatory protocol and into the world of no limits (though of course focusing on healthy, whole foods and still gluten-free because of celiac), my body and mind have responded remarkably well. I think traveling has helped. I still have down days and a lot to work through, but overall my energy is much improved and spirit is much brighter 🙂 A big part is also knowing and believing that my body is strong and capable. And my faith grows daily ❤️

Feeling good in spirit

Feeling strong in body (except when climbing a lot of hills haha)

Yours Jenuinely, xoxo


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