The Best Coffee Alternative

I love the taste of coffee, but my body is really sensitive to substances of any kind, including caffeine:/ So there are days when I will treat myself to a hot cup of coffee and deal with the jitters, but I can only handle so much before it starts affecting my sleep! And I need my sleep haha.

So I started looking into coffee alternatives and first learned about “herbal coffee”, generally composed of dandelion root and/or chicory root. They are both rich in vitamins and minerals, non-acidic, contain antioxidants, boost your digestive and liver functions, and are supposed to taste similar to coffee. Sounds good right?! So I bought some already ground and roasted from Frontier (a great little Iowa company!) and gave it a try. You just make it in a coffee machine (or French Press) the same way you would regular coffee (~1T root per 1c water), so that part was easy. But I wasn’t really a big fan of the taste, although I’m sure I could experiment more with adding other flavors like cinnamon or sweetener/milk.

Then I came across these amazing little “herbal coffee” tea bags by Teeccino. And now I subscribe to them on Amazon haha. I order the Caramel Nut flavor, but all sound delicious. For gluten-free, be sure to get the Barley-Free Dandelion Flavors!! The others contain barley malt, which is not gluten-free. I buy the tea bag version because they are convenient for work, although I think I may need to try the ground coffee version next! Particularly the Vanilla Nut flavor…YUM.

Read about all the health benefits here:





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