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Breaking routine

There is definitely something to be said for having a routine. It grounds us. It provides consistency, which is key to achieving many things, be it a nutrition or fitness regimen, mastering new skills, building a community, career ambitions and more. It brings a sense of safety, familiarity, and ease.

However, there is also something to be said for breaking your routine.

You know that other dish on the menu that you’ve been curious to try, but keep sticking with your “favorite” because you know you’ll like it? Well what if you would actually like the other dish wayyy more? You’ll never know if you never break that routine. The other dish could also be terrible, but it doesn’t have to feel disappointing if you go in with the purpose of being open to change. In aiming for trying something new rather than a experiencing a certain taste, you have already succeeded.

The walk you take after dinner every day along the same route? You could be missing some of the most gorgeous homes or brightly colored flowers on a side street.

The coffee shop you visit every week? I’m sure it’s great! I have my go to’s as well. But what could you learn or experience by trying somewhere new? Maybe you like their coffee better (or not). Maybe you discover that you like a calmer (or more lively) atmosphere, or darker (or brighter) lighting, or that they have delicious gluten-free muffins 😉

In all seriousness, venturing outside your daily routine gives you a chance to learn about YOU. How you feel in different environments, around different people, and doing different activities. It makes you more adaptable, which is important in a world that seems to change every second. Breaking routine can be scary, but I find the lessons invaluable. Plus, how cool is it to overcome those fears? To find energy in ways you never knew possible?

Maybe it’s your career, neighborhood, or workout plan that feels uninspiring. Or maybe it’s all working, but needs a little gut check! It doesn’t have to be drastic. It can be small and seemingly unimportant, yet every “break” from routine deepens your connection to yourself and sets you up to take on other bigger changes.

Example: Today was Sunday and I had the day free, so I decided to bike to TWO new coffee shops to do some writing and reading. The first, Peace Coffee, was great. I loved the chill vibe. They had hazelnut milk (yum), gluten-free granola and baked goods (more yum), and several nice shady tables outside. The second, Kopplin’s, was okay. The chai was way too sweet, I couldn’t even drink it. And I tried a chocolate ganache truffle (of course), but it was not good, which I didn’t think was possible, but it is, and I didn’t finish that either. So it could have been a total fail if I only wanted the perfect drink and treat. But that wasn’t my goal. I wanted to try somewhere new, with an open mind. And turns out, they did have the most comfortable chair that I was able to sink into, relax and read 🙂 It’s all about mindset.

What have you tried lately that’s been outside of your normal routine? Is there something you want to break into or out of, but are afraid? What is the worst that could happen? You return to what you know, having learned something new in the process 🙂

{Side note: At the same time, be conscious of your relationship with the idea that “the grass is always greener on the other side”. Too much chasing the ‘what ifs’ can also be depleting and potentially an avoidance mechanism. As with anything, it’s all about balance, and that is different for every individual. Trust yourself and how you feel.}

Yours jenuinely, xoxo

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