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Last day in Charleston + a career conversation

Last day in Charleston + Meaningful Career Conversation

Finally wrapped up an incredible long weekend in Charleston today (only to get one more day in Savannah with my friend Claire 🙂 ). It’s times like these that remind me of the importance of slowing down and making time to be with the people I love. They are truly what add value to my life, no matter how much the outside world may push other things on us as being more “important”. Furthermore, creating that space to open up deeper conversation, is so special. It’s easy to get caught up in catching up, without allowing more meaningful issues to come up and share. I felt lucky to have that chance tonight, to really dive into the dynamics of how I can create a career I love…and it boiled down to starting with the basics. And nothing is permanent, but right now…

Where does my heart resonate with being, location-wise?

What can I do to provide for my necessities to live in this city, from a financial standpoint, as well as a time / energy (physical AND mental) standpoint?

How can I prioritize my free time to learn the skills and build the relationships I need to pursue my passion project on the side?

Because, quite frankly, I’m realizing a passion project does need to start along side something more sustainable, for at least the first 3-5 years it takes to develop. And that is OK. So of course, my mind has been running as to these three components, the first of which I know. My desire to travel is always lingering, but I am also reminding myself that I do not have to do EVERYTHING all at once and right now. That there are places I can still travel to while working, or with a significant other one day, or otherwise, that may be even more enjoyable than rushing to do right now just because I am afraid to miss the chance. Fear never got anyone anywhere (well maybe, but you know what I mean).

Back to Charleston:

Finally my French crepe breakfast! Go to Breizh Pan’ Crepes. It is a small, local cafe and the owners/chefs are actually French. So the food is that delicious. I got La Complete, the traditional French breakfast crepe of egg, ham and swiss cheese, with a side salad. Everyone else’s was equally amazing.

Walk the Charleston Historic City Market for some southern treats and touristy souvenirs (or just look with amusement ha). ALSO, be sure to enjoy the indoor air-conditioned section (heaven).

Welkin Coffee: Right next to the city market and the perfect rest stop with lots of options…coffee drinks of course, but also a turmeric and ginger latte (my choice, iced with almond milk), matcha latte, iced teas, kombucha and even beer if that’s your fancy on a hot day.

Rainy day self-care: Earthling Day Spa #treatyoself to foot reflexology. Super on point and so relaxing / healing. They even provide robes and sandals. Yay!

Lunch when the car rental place does not have any cars on site, despite your pre-booking: Five Loaves Cafe has everything you could want…soups (including a flight of 3 x 3oz! all were gluten-free too), sandwiches (gluten-free bread available), salads, smoothies, juices, and more. Quaint and homey interior. Quick and friendly service. And deliciousness. I was craving a light and refreshing acai bowl, so was excited to find they had them! It came with strawberry, banana, cacao nibs, coconut flakes and (gluten-free) granola, while I added spinach (for the greens!), maca (hormone balance) and hemp seeds (protein/fats). It was a serious winner.

THEN drive through the craziest storm to Savannah, and thankfully make it safely 🙂 I’m writing this way too late again, because I had the best dinner of salad, cheese & crackers (Simple Mills!) and wine with my girl, while sitting on the porch.

Yours jenuinely, xoxo

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