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My 30 day challenge: Writing

Day 1 of 30: New York, New York

The internal compass + creating space for action

You know that question you’ve been struggling with lately? That you keep searching to find the answer to and just want someone to tell you? Well, the difficult but incredibly liberating truth, is that we already know the answer. Deep down, it’s always there, if we pause to listen to ourselves and the universe. With so many distractions and messages being pushed on us these days, it’s hard to put up a wall and look inside. But I find it almost funny how, by putting our energy and dilemnas out into the universe, it sends us energy and answers right back. Often multiple times over and glaring in our face, yet we still may not truly see in the beginning.

I’ve been reminded of this recently. That I know what I want to do with my life and as a career, even though I may not think I know. The answer is inside, and instead of trying so hard to figure it out, maybe I need to let go and just listen. Too much {frantic} thinking leads to too little doing. And too little doing, for too long, keeps us stuck and not moving forward into our truth.

I say I want to write my blog. But how often do I actually give myself time to write in a day? Yeah, not that often, if at all. I was inspired by a former teammate, Lo Moore (her blog is seriously awesome and you should really check it out), and am embarking on a 30 day challenge to write one post each day. I have no idea what exactly I will write, whatever resonates with me for the day. It may be very short and random, or with typos or imperfect pictures, but it is action. And I will give myself an opportunity to do what I truly want (or learn if that’s not quite it). There is never a perfect time to start, except for right now that is. So here it goes.

I started writing this around midnight last night, but needed a quick read through today 😉

I just finished up day 6 in NYC. The beautiful, crazy, exhausting and energizing city that it is. I am tired but happy. Tired from a lot of walking (loving my step count this week ha) and not enough sleep from too much coffee (the lesson I must love learning on repeat).

The day took me from a friend’s apartment in East Harlem where I’m staying, to morning breakfast at Hu Kitchen on the upper east side. I got a mash-a-bowl with ½ vanilla chia and ½ taro pudding (yummm) as a base, plus strawberries, almond butter granola and two different paleo bites (chocolate chip blondie and the crack bar – the best one obviously) – I love that you can sample multiple treats at once. A piece of my heaven ha. Plus an all greens juice to balance that out 😉 Not that any of it was bad…in fact the entire restaurant uses no gluten, grains, dairy, soy, canola oil, refined sugars, etc. If only this wasn’t such a rarity!

All the toppings on the mash-a-bowl

I went on to meet a new friend at Think Coffee. I met her just the other day at the Artists and Fleas market in Williamsburg, and had such a wonderful conversation that we decided to keep in touch. I love her positive, entrepreneurial spirit. And her vintage jewelry. She’s been collecting since she was 15 years old and probably knows more about several thousand pieces than I can hope to remember about a piece or two I buy! Her knowledge and passion add so much value and meaning to the jewelry. I bought a couple necklaces that I truly love and are now extra special 🙂 . I got to stop by her showroom after and also met her assistant.

I then went on to lunch at Divya’s Kitchen – an ayurvedic restaurant I had randomly happened upon, and am so glad I did. It was so peaceful and beautifully decorated, and the menu is seriously amazing. SO nourishing in both a healthy and delicious way. I got Khichari for the first time – which I have been meaning to try, as it’s a staple in ayurvedic culinary philosophy and very healing for our bodies and digestive systems. It was awesome. I also got the gluten-free poppy seed biscuit, which was a bit dry, but they gave me a little ghee to sweeten it up, and that can’t not help ha. I even bought the owners cookbook because I fell in love with it so much (it’s called what to eat for how you feel). Oh, and I also bought a bar of turmeric-infused raw dark chocolate because, I mean, how could I not?

Seasonal Khichari

The Cookbook

Then I of course had to check out Nike Soho and the Nike Lab store because they were nearby and you never know what cool styles or colors they may have. I also wandered into other interesting stores as well: Vintage Twin (cute but pricey – like all vintage in NYC unfortunately), Broadway Market Co, Joe & The Juice, and Ina (designer consignment).

I was supposed to meet a friend that evening for kickboxing, but something came up that changed our plans. And just then (universe working), my other dear friend sent me a note about a yoga class in 45 min. That just happened to be a few blocks away. Coincidence? I think not. So I of course, followed the flow and went. It was such a great class at Ishta Yoga with Marco Rojas. And I survived almost 2 hours of yoga! With several child poses mixed in, but it was amazing. I even did my first (assisted) forearm headstand, which I normally struggle with because of my shoulder mobility. Afterwards, I was talking about that and he said that tightness in my right shoulder and hip was the male side, and so it would help if I focused on forgiving all the men in my life, in whichever ways that needs to ensue. Definitely an interesting comment and something for me to further reflect on.

It was late, but we still needed dinner, so my friend took me to one of her favorite sushi spots and we got to catch up for a couple hours and I loved it so much. It was so special to have that time that I otherwise wouldn’t have gotten! And lastly was the subway ride back to East Harlem, which really is a cool place. Different, but I generally feel safe and at ease. It reminds me a bit of some places I’ve traveled abroad and seems familiar in that sense.

Stay tuned. I have no idea what will be next!

Yours jenuinely, xoxo

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