The two sides of quitting

Quit. The word naturally carries a somewhat negative connotation, and yet, is it really so bad?

I’d like to explore and share my thoughts on the two sides of quitting.

In the “classic” sense, quitting is considered bad, as in you didn’t work hard enough or try hard enough. It’s associated with weakness and lack of discipline or grit. It’s synonymous with giving up.

However, in another way, quitting is a very powerful way to honor your truth. It can be a sign of strength. When you quit, stop doing, something that is no longer serving you (or maybe never has). To quit is to change, and change is needed if you’re looking for a different, more positive outcome. You can quit saying yes all the time, you can quit bad habits, you can quit a job that doesn’t align with your values, you can quit a toxic relationship. Those are all very difficult things to do, which makes the quitting quite the opposite of weakness. The quitting isn’t giving up, it’s opening up…new doors and better outlets to channel your time and energy.

As some of you may have noticed, I did not finish my 30 day writing challenge. In a sense, I quit. For several reasons. When I look at my goal for the experiment / decision, I wanted to practice writing on a daily basis and letting my guard down about having to write something perfect. What I found in my experience, was that I came to almost hate writing my blog – not exactly what I was going for. I didn’t like having to scramble on a busy day to share something, anything, just to post. I didn’t have the time to gather my thoughts and write something I felt was more meaningful. And so I stopped. Because the quest was adding more negativity to my life than positivity. I learned my lesson (in less than those 30 days). That I don’t want to blog just to blog every day, but rather allow for the time to be inspired and share from that space (like right now, at 3am, in Iceland ha).

So next time you feel like quitting, don’t be so quick to judge yourself. Give yourself the opportunity to understand why you want to quit. My guess is there is a good underlying reason. And if the quitting is related to misalignment with your truth, rather than not wanting to put in hard work, it could be a positive choice for you to make. It has been for me on numerous occasions.

If there’s anything you’re struggling with in this area, I am here to chat!

Yours jenuinely, xoxo

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